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Bespoke Dice for your Project

RuneFable would love to help you bring that extra spark of magic to your projects with unique and customised handmade dice. 

Consider artisan dice from RuneFable if your looking for:


  • Truly bespoke dice designed specifically for your TTRPG.

  • Custom dice for a TTRPG or boardgame kickstarter reward.

  • Artisan dice to make your game demo really shine.

  • Unique gifts to thank your employees for their hard work.

Check out some of the projects I've completed below!

(Does not include current projects in production)

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Dragon Dowser

Working with Hatchling Games, we created these stunning Crystalline six-sided shard-style dice to represent the dowsing crystals in their

solo-journaling RPG. 

Filled with shimmering powders, flakes and iridescent film, these dice catch the light beautifully.

When in the magic of bright sunlight or UV light, these numbering on these dice glows a phosphorant blue!

‘RuneFable’s handcrafted die represents Dragon Dowser perfectly. From its bespoke shape, font and UV effect, this beautiful d6 couldn’t look more like a crystal. I even wear it as a necklace!’ Rich (HatchlingDM) Hatchlings Games

Tea and Toadstools

Is cosy gaming more your style? We worked with @lalionnecosplay to create some mushroom filled petri shard D6s for their ttrpg Tea and Toadstools!

With organic green and brown petri tendrils amidst clear resin, gold flakes and a subtle green shimmer, these dice are perfect for your very own hedgehog tea party amidst the undergrowth!

"Working with RuneFable on the custom dice he made for Tea & Toadstools was an absolute pleasure. He knew exactly what vibe I wanted and offered various options inspired by my game." Anya (La Lionne)

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