Ancient Canyon (Set 2)

Ancient Canyon (Set 2)


You crawl through the cave, rocks giving way to the broken and cracked columns of some ancient civilisation. As light pierces the gloom, a vast canyon of orange sandstone comes into focus, carved away over the millennia by the river below, unexplored ruins littering the valley with the tell-tale sign of copper verdigris.

Featuring vivid burnt orange, yellow, green and blue tones with a glint of copper glitter and green shimmer this set conjures up a canyon setting filled with the metal remains of an ancient civilisation! Inked in slate grey

This set features alternative 'shard' style dice shapes.

This set includes a D20, D12, D%, D10, D8, D6 and D4.

This Petri style has left some visible texture on the top face of the dice but will not otherwise affect them.