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  • When will a design be in stock again?
    Most of my designs are unique and won't be made again, though you could ask for a design to be remade using my commission service! I may also keep popular designs in stock Just bear in mind that since these are all handmade, no two dice are ever the same and will have their own unique character.
  • Do you do custom dice/comissions?
    Yes! You can use our 'Pick your own Petri' service to request our petri method in your favourite colours. Or you can contact us through our commissions form on the Commissions page to ask for a custom commission, a previous design to be remade for you, or even ask for something totally different! Comission slots are limited due to time constraints.
  • Are handmade dice balanced?
    Yes! Handmade dice are actually more balanced than most factory-made dice. This is because steps are taken to remove and prevent the tiny bubbles of air found in most factory produced dice. At Runefable, we take efforts to remove bubbles from our resin before pouring, and then use a pressure pot at 40-50psi overnight to cruch any pesky bubbles into oblivion! What about inclusions? Most materials and pigments we use are of such a tiny weight that they won't effect the balance of your dice. If larger inclusions are used, Runefable uses resin inclusions to ensure they don't throw off the balance!
  • A guide to Handmade dice: Quality and Flaws
    Handmade dice are bound to have some small blemishes due to the nature of the handmaking process, so here is a guide of what you might expect, courtesy of my friend Imaginarium dice (@imaginarium_dice on insta). To Be Expected Micro scratches, slightly rounded or uneven edges, paint imperfections, small surface imperfections etc. These are the kind of things you can't really take pictures of, but might find all over if you actively look for them and the light hits them just right. It would be next to impossible to try and photograph or video these, and these are considered part of the handmade craft. Set/Design Specifc Slight surface marks, pinholes on capfaces, surface texturing, mold marks etc. Some designs produce marks that cannot be avoided and are considered part of their making process. For me, normal petri sets almost always produce some surface texturing for example, whilst mylar/foil sets can produce pinholes on the 'cap' face of the dice. Texturing can also occur if inclusions come close to the surface, and mold marks are also considered part of this group. These aren't really what you'd consider a flaw, but will show in pictures, even if they aren't always obvious at first glance. We might provide an example of mold marks to be expected, but not for every face. Notable/Obvious Flaws These are what we usually think of when looking for a list of flaws. Larger than pinhole surface bubbles, patched voids, larger mold marks and genuine accidents. They're the flaws that are actually obvious to the eye or touch and can be the worst offenders within a set. These are the ones listed and documented thoroughly, and given weight when working out pricing adjustments.
  • Where can I find RuneFable on Social media?
    The best place to find us is on our Instagram @runefableuk , which is our most active social media presence! Runefable is also on twitter @runefable and on facebook as RuneFable
  • Where did that awesome art come from?
    Our logo and artwork for the site was designed by the wonderful Arcane Creations! You can find them at or at @arcane_design_ on instagram, or via there facebook page.
  • Work with RuneFable!
    RuneFable is always interested in collaborative projects with other artists! If you want to collaborate then the easiest thing to do is send a message on our instagram, or give us an email at I'm particularly interested at the minute in working with anybody that may have woodworking skills! If your looking for a job, we are not currently employing staff, but may do so in the future. Any opportunities will be announced both here and on our social media channels.
  • Where are you based?
    RuneFable Ltd is based at Aire Place Studios in Leeds, a wonderful community of artists that focuses on inclusivity! You can find them at Keep an eye out as I also have plans use this space to promote some of my fellow studio members!
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship worldwide and aim to ship your order within 3-5 days of purchase. UK orders should take 2 business days to arrive, EU should take 3-5 business days, and rest of world 6-7 business days. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee shipping times for international orders due to both the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. These prices ensure correct tracking for international deliveries.​
  • Shipping Rates
    UK: £4.74 (48hr Tracked) EU: £12.70 (International Tracked and Signed) Rest of the World: £16.05 (International Tracked and Signed) These prices ensure that your items are insured and reach you swiftly. ​ EU orders: There may be customs and handling costs that are applied upon delivery and payable by the buyer. This is generally ~20% of the order cost, but you can check charges for your country at
  • What if my item is damaged during delivery?
    If you order is damaged during delivery you are entitled to a full refund minus the cost of delivery. However you must provide evidence of the damage and send the item back before the refund is processed. Unfortunately due to the unique and handmade nature of each item I cannot offer a replacement. However, I can offer a refund or store credit so that you can choose another item from available stock.
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