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Dice that tell your Story,

Your Way

Is there a story you want to commemorate and capture?

Then perhaps a custom commission is for you?

Bringing YOUR story to life, We can work with you through the design process to capture your ideas and create something truly unique to YOU. 

If a truly custom set of dice, or a special D20 or D6 is something that would take your tales to the next level, consider our commission options! 

At RuneFable we offer two different options for a truly bespoke design.


  •  'Pick your own Petri': As an expert in the blobby Petri style, we can create the perfect Petri colour scheme to match your character, campaign world or commemorative moment.

  • Our commission form: Here we can try and create anything you can imagine to bring your story to life using all kinds of different dice styles. Whether its a 5-colour Petri pour, or a shimmering iridescent floral design, get in touch using the form below!

*Prices for a full set of fully bespoke dice begin at £100 and are dependent on the complexity of design. Single dice begin at £25.

Got a commission idea? Get in touch!

Thanks for your interest!

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