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Creating Worlds

Not destroying planets

At RuneFable we believe it is our responsibility to try and be as environmentally conscious as we can. So we've put in extra effort to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible!


Our packaging and paper filler are made from recycled post-consumer waste and are fully recyclable.

The adhesive logo stickers on our packaging are even made of recycled paper that uses biodegradable eco-friendly adhesive, and are recyclable and compostable! 


To mail your products, we use Jiffy Green postal bags that are 100% paper, which is ~65% recycled paper, and are recyclable and compostable!


Finally, we wanted to add a touch of embellishment to our packaging with some ribbon to our unique scroll-case dice containers. We make sure to use ribbon diverted from landfill from our local scrap shop, so whilst it might not always be the same colour you can be sure it's as eco-conscious as everything else we use!

The water-clear resin we use is non-toxic, uv stable, vegan-friendly and is produced from by-products of the oil industry that would otherwise enter landfill. The other resin we use is Jesmonite, a well known acrylic (water-based) eco-resin.

Whilst changing resin is a tricky business as they all have different properties, we are researching various bio-resins that are made from plant and vegetable extracts.  However these currently are only available as 2:1 ratio epoxies, whereas my petri technique relies on the thicker 1:1 ratio formulations. 


We are always looking for greener alternatives to all our materials and will update this page when things change! 

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