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Our Story

Your Legend

Welcome to RuneFable!

We believe that storytelling is a powerful tool for creating memories, enjoyment and learning together, and table-top games are the perfect way of exploring this! 

When you share that legendary moment with your friends we want it to feel epic when you make that crucial dice roll! If your characters story-arc reaches its crescendo, we want to help you show off their new look at the table! 


We started RuneFable to bring those stories to life with unique resin accessories for table-top games, so that your time at the table looks as epic as the stories you share!

Whatever Character you play

Whatever World you create

Whatever Fable you forge

Meet the Maker


Resin Artist/DiceSmith

In a previous life I was a researcher in the biological sciences of Evo-Devo and genomics. Now I utilise my science background to make wonderful resin art, exploring colours and forms inspired by the stories we tell together.​​​

I've always found joy in stories, whether from books or games, and love sharing these with my friends and family, particularly in the form of table-top roleplaying games.

I've recently taken the leap to forging a new career for myself and have joined the wonderful community at Aire Place Studios, Leeds, where I have my studio!


The Petri Protocol

Method Highlight

My favourite resin technique is the famously blobby Petri method. The colourful structures it creates remind me of biological forms that twist and grow like fungi, or perhaps creatures from other worlds both real and imagined!


This inspired me to develop the technique so that I can manipulate the internal structures and vibrancy of colour produced to give the design I want. I like to think this is a nod to my own background researching animal evolution and development, and the way that nature manipulates what is already present to produce countless new and unique shapes.

A Huge Thank You to RuneFable Patrons!

We are part of RuneFable's Story!

Our patrons really do embody our motto of 'Our Story, your Legend' by supporting Runefable to create new dice and experiment with new ideas! 

Our Patrons not only get a load of perks, but Storyteller Patrons and up get a shout out here on the 'Our Story' page for as long as they support us as a thank you!

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Dave L

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