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6D6 mini-shard Bauble - Firestorm
  • 6D6 mini-shard Bauble - Firestorm


    6x mini shard D6s presented in a bauble thats perfect for your Critmas tree!

    Hang your die on your tree in shimming glory, then break them out for a holiday game or two!


    This set features bright yellow petri with a handmade charcoal black and iridescent shimmer flakes adding a firey depth. Nothing says fireball like pigment made by actual charcoal!


    The iridescent film used is from my local scrap shop which reclaims everything from going to landfill, so even though not biodegradable, it's being given a second shiny life here to bring some holiday joy!


    Second photo shows mini-shard for scale vs normal size shard D6.

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